Motivational Design

How to transform the Employee Journey into a truly transformative experience, connecting through Gamification the innate motivations of people with corporate goals?

Change has to be chosen: people operate on the basis of our autonomy and we put it to practice when we are given different alternatives from which to choose, all of them being interesting, valuable and connected to our skills. Motivational Design connects the people’s innate motivations with the expected behavioural goals, ensuring that their personal and professional goals, as well as the corporate ones, are achieved. And this is as serious as fun, even if they look opposites. And so it guarantees the transference.

The application of Game Design laws (Gamification) in not necessarily playful contexts allows us to mutate a training or communication experience in a way that achieves greater levels of motivation in its final participants, becoming memorable and ensuring greater knowledge transfer as well as a suitable ROI.

Any type of initiative, internal or external to the company, will shift its focus from the concrete solution, product or platform to focus on the impulse that “moves” experience users, which has to do with the fundamental motivators (o dynamics).

Regardless of the prices and rewards (extrinsic), which always work for people willing to play, it’s worthwhile to dwell on the intrinsic motivators, those that move us independently from our passion or not for the game (it feeds my senses, allows me to enjoy a good story, make me an active participant in the community, suggests challenge and discovery and offers surprise and opportunities to display all my altruism).

Cookie Box Motivational Design Consulting includes:

  1. The “Game Related Test”: a questionnaire to better understand the form and “game” preference of the all of the final users. In essence, their specific motivational type.
  2. The complete Definition of the 4 main axes of a Gamification project: Aesthetic criteria, rules and game mechanics, history and technology.

Thus we guarantee the best possible experience, which will result in:

  1. Greater communicative efficiency and engagement.
  2. Higher levels of satisfaction and learning.
  3. New behaviours incorporation.
  4. Connexion with business goals.
  5. Measurement of experience in terms of performance and attitude by participants.

And always from the will, the participants’ choice: I do it because I want to and I fancy it, not because I feel forced to it. Like this, it does work. And it makes sense.

Corporate Network

¿How to turn internal Social Networks and corporate e-learnings into living and dynamic spaces of collaboration, participation, belonging, talent development, collective creation, and open innovation?

How to turn internal Social Networks and corporate e-learning into real transformation environments which promote knowledge expansion?

The launch of an internal social network often comes with high expectations (qualitative and quantitative) that are frequently not achieved. And there is an even more significant cost that the probably strong technological investment in the social platform enabled: the knowledge that it’s no longer shared, the dramatic reduction in the innovation potential of the company; and the slowness of essential processes.

Cookie Box develops immersive learning landscapes created on internal social networks -already existing or implemented ad-hoc- in order to foster communication, interaction, collaboration, collective creation, engagement, knowledge transfer and open innovation.

A plan to stimulate a learning ecosystem and internal communities include multiple aspects:

  1. Development of appropriate channels;
  2. Segmentation of user profiles (and roles);
  3. The definition of the participation rules and the multiple challenges to achieve;
  4. The creation of content that connects the audience’s emotions with the desired goals;
  5. The opening of new co-creation spaces;
  6. Day-to-day management by the facilitators in charge of the experience;
  7. Qualitative and quantitative activities follow-up, as well as a continuous revision from both the strategic and tactical point of view.

The company will benefit from the activation of internal social spaces, in aspects such as:

  • Talent management, to develop people and teams;
  • Performance support, to achieve a better performance in the tasks;
  • Knowledge management, to facilitate agile and reliable access to information;
  • Collaboration and networking, to share ideas, knowledge, and experience in solving problems;
  • Structured learning, to train in knowledge and skills (either in a classroom or online space).

Content Strategy
& Development

How to promote training and drive change management within the company by creating fictional narrative universes and the development of multiformat and cross-platform content that connect emotionally with audiences?

How to develop appealing contents that get the employees’ attention because of their format and, at the same time, of their rigorous content? Contents that are meaningful because they are connected to the company reality, its values, strategy, pedagogical goals… and they are, moreover, memorable for the users.

Cookie Box specializes in creating content and experiences based on the power of multiformat and cross-platform stories to achieve a transformation from the emotion, an indispensable ingredient to achieve real and lasting change processes.

Stories that show and reflect, in a more or less metaphorical way, the business reality, and that precisely connect the journey of the characters (and their challenges and stoppers) which they want the collaborators to undertake. A journey of learning and transformation. A journey of growth.

These stories can be disseminated in small narrative pieces of diverse formats and platforms (Transmedia), including spaces for interaction, participation, and co-creation. It is amazing to see the desire to speak, express, participate and co-create the story -in the broadest sense- of a good number of employees.

The formats of Transmedia Storytelling can be the most diverse:

  • Audiovisual content of last generation: films, series, teasers… that synthesize, in fiction stories, the rational contents needed to be deployed (corporate values, competencies, behaviours, product and services knowledge…), facilitating the messages comprehension and their memorability, as well as the adoption of little required behavioural changes.
  • Live Cases: business cases brought to the audiovisual format, to work on them and encourage discussions during face-to-face training sessions.
  • Virtual Reality: content development through Virtual Reality format for a greater impact on and engagement of the audience (VR Films for companies, VR Live Cases…)
  • Bizzcomics: animated or paper comics that use this universal language with the same corporate purpose.
  • Cinematographic workshops: in which the participants discover the keys to the making of a film and end up recording their own short movie about the issues that the company wants to increase awareness on, generating a precise reflection discussion and reflection on them, as well as an unforgettable and pleasant experience for the participants.

Business Jams

How to leverage all the talent in creative search sessions for innovative solutions? How to conduct face-to-face training sessions which seek for behavioural changes with outputs that ensure transference?

How to tap into all the in-house talent available creating divergent sessions aimed to find innovative business solutions; or to conduct face-to-face training to change behaviours in a truly transformative way and with results that facilitate the return to the job, making sure that what has to happen will actually happen.

The Cookie Box Business Jams (Cookie Jams) are sessions of divergent creation and search for innovative solutions that allow the connexion and use of the available internal and external talent.

We also use the Business Jam format in our training workshops, so that they become truly transformative and contain outputs which will ensure the behaviour changes and goals pursued will be activated once participants are back to work.

These are experiences designed on the basis of Gamification dynamics and co-creation techniques, as well as divergence and open innovation tools which allow participants to develop and test solutions, whilst activating new behaviours.

This way of addressing business challenges incorporates the main dimensions of the new digital era (agility, open collaboration and co-creation) and is based on active learning based on the search for solutions to the real challenges suggested.


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