In the first post about Employee Generated Content strategy (EGC) I introduced the need to review the role of the employee as regards their participation in certain fields of corporate strategy. In this one, I’ll give you 10 reasons why it is worth doing it.

Letting employees participate in a certain way in the changes proposed by the organisation (regardless of whether they are related to values, conducts and behaviours or with any aspect dealing with the way to work or to behave within the company), or even giving them the chance to co-create some aspects of the corporate management or communication, has a lot of benefits.

Here are the 10 reasons:

1. Motivation

A high percentage of employees are eager to collaborate with the change, to give it shape and to boost it, to be part of it; and they have a lot to say about it and about the way to promote it.When they get the chance (important: a real chance, no tricks, transparent) to co-create, you create a strong emotional connection with the company, a shared motivation.EGC is a proof of trust and empowerment, which leaves no employee indifferent.

2. Identification of the most engaged employees

Sometimes it is complicated to identify the employees with high engagement levels.When you allow your employees to create their own contents, it becomes much easier to identify and to monitor the engagement levels.It allows you to make out those who stopped being motivated at a specific moment in time, probably due to a “difficult” and rather impervious leadership.Overcoming invisible barriers and silos to find sleeping passions and reconnect them.

3. Making the people of the organisation visible

In large companies it is not always obvious who does what, or how do other colleagues look like.When employees get the chance to create their own content, they are able to present themselves and connect with their colleagues.This increases the possibility for employees to meet each other, and what is more important, it opens the door to future collaborations.

4. Discovering the stars of communication

Empowering your employees with the chance to create corporate content allows you to discover written or audiovisual communication talents and, what is even more important, to discover what they know.This is especially important to break the barrier of shyness during meetings or the limitations of the impact of their own workplace.It allows us to find the Cinderellas of Communication in our companies.

5. Strengthening corporate proposals and internal communication

The proposals for the management of a corporate change and internal communications may undergo a certain distancing process or lack of anchoring with some internal realities, with the daily work of the employees.Opening the door to collective participation allows for a review and a connection with specific realities, to anchor, to improve, and to have direct feedback from the employees… which improves the proposals made from the corporate side.One of the best ways to improve internal communication is promoting (digital) sharing and dialog.

6. Increase of the Commitment to Corporate Topics

Employees who co-create and participate actively in the management of the corporate change, the corporate communication, etc. end-up becoming the best ambassadors, feeling responsible for the viralization of the changes.The responsibility to make the change happen or to make the information reach the most hidden corners of the company is shared with these co-participants of the project, who will be the first to defend it.

7. Emergence of Knowledge

There is a huge amount of knowledge in the minds of employees.They do not only offer a different perspective, but they also know and understand perfectly well both the customers and their brand.Unfortunately, many employees hoard this information and do not share it, even if they have no real intention to do so.It is just because most of the employees do not know how to share and distribute their knowledge.Opening spaces to share contents allows organizations to make emerge a huge amount of hidden information.

8. Creation of Marketing Material

Employee Generated Content allows generating valuable content that may even be used internally or externally as communication elements for company clients.The employees of a company are often “product specialists” who can provide for a unique and interesting view of the product as such. In addition, watching an employee defending the brand with passion transmits confidence and an emotional connection with the clients.

9. Cost reduction

Without having to do without departments dedicated to the management of the corporate change and internal communications, the fact of allowing employees to generate corporate content, especially since technological media have become more powerful, easier to use and affordable, allows to reduce the generation costs of contents for the brand which can later be used internally or externally.

10. Because fear has no rational foundation

The idea of letting employees talk, internally or externally, can be considered as a risk by the corporate leaders.The results have always shown us that these fears and excessive caution are unfounded.When you allow employees to generate content – in a transparent way and with clear rules- the results are surprisingly positive:those who make use of the chance to create and to share, feel that they have the responsibility to act in a positive way, and starting from corporate messages, they create new approaches, anchor or connect these messages with the reality of the daily life at the company, disseminate…


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