Thanks to this agreement, the transformation experiences designed by Cookie Box will be implemented in a robust platform that offers, furthermore, a wide range of KPIs, both qualitative and quantitative.

Cookie Box and SABA have just signed an agreement according to which Cookie Box becomes a part of the partners’ network of this American multinational company.

Cookie Box will distribute SABA Cloud, a platform with solutions that allow the integral HR management and it’s multiple areas (such as Hiring, Talent Management, Training, Performance, Feedback, Succession …), integrating it into the transformation projects that require a technological solution.

SABA Cloud is an intelligent, modular, multi-device and cloud-based platform that enables excellent talent management and optimal engagement. It was highlighted and positioned by Gartner in 2015 as “Visionary” in its prestigious Magic Quadrant.

That’s one of the reasons why leading companies from all over the world choose it to hire, develop, connect and inspire their teams.

These are the main modules of the SABA platform:

With machine-learning at its core, SABA Cloud offers proactive and personalized recommendations on candidates, connections and content to help employees and businesses become pioneers and successful. It is a highly scalable platform that exceeds the safety and reliability standards of the industry.

With more than 4,000 client companies and more than 33 million users in 195 countries, Saba Cloud is the smartest solution for HR growth.

The agreement between the two companies ensures that projects related with onboarding, training, talent management, development, open innovation, storytelling, gamification, internal social networks boosting or internal communication that are based on memorable Cookie Box experiences can be implemented in a robust technology which also offers a wide range of transformation KPIs (quantitative and qualitative).

This is just the beginning of a great collaboration.