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Cookie Box Kick Off 2013

By January 17, 2013 No Comments

We aren’t letting many days of this new year go by before the staging of the first meeting of the Cookie Box Community: Saturday January 12, 2013, Cookie Box Kick Off!, an event to share vision, experiences and expectations for the next twelve months.

The Cookie Box Community is getting bigger (we counted nearly forty people in this Kick Off 2013) and, what is even more admirable, it draws more and more talent and disciplines, from the purely artistic, to technology, to the other more classical and training-based ones of Management. Only in this way, with the masterful blend of ingredients that come from audiovisual production, comics, video games, theater arts management, traditional management, coaching, etc.. do we achieve that flavor so peculiar to Cookie Box.

The first star of the morning, the fantastic documentary El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, a starting point to discuss the necessary balance between creative chaos and method, between rigor and experimentation in order to offer new and memorable experiences. And make them sustainable and profitable …

Next, we got straight into sharing one of the challenges of the year: the internationalization of our mission and vision. We are about to begin a journey whose first stop will take us to the city of Atlanta (USA) and then on to Central Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong … We will meet with Human Resources Directors from a range of countries and will look into their stories of dissatisfaction, their desires, the problems they face in their day to day management of talent, management of teams… and we will see if Cookie Box can help them solve them in the way we are now doing in Spain. In our own way, of course, which we believe in, through Transmedia, from that conjunction of diverse talent that makes up our Community. Because if we have reaffirmed anything in these recent dizzying months, it has been the tremendous transforming power of experiences. How it is important to stop explaining things and instead to invest energy in getting people to live them intensely. And then transfer them to their jobs.

Those national and international projects we are already carrying out will lead to the Transmedia experiences, to be presented at the Transmedia Corporate Stories Show Barcelona 2014, which we will be keeping you updated on throughout 2013.

The last part of the Kick-off was distinguished by the brilliant presentation given by Oscar García-Pañella , who shared with all of us the basics on the use of Gamification, a concept which, as you have already seen in other posts, will also mark this new Cookie year in as transversal a way as Transmedia.

Our 2013 is going to be the most intense year since we started out on this adventure. Creativity, rigor, Gamification, Art, Management, Technology and memorable experiences are going to be our travel companions.

Are you joining us?