At Cookie Box we’re happy to announce our collaboration agreement with Ideami Studios, led by Javier Ideami, the author of Torch Methodology which accelerates innovation and achieves more creative and divergent solutions that allow companies to generate solutions and insights that go beyond the typical and predictable ones.

Torch methodology accelerates and boosts the divergent phases of innovation processes, helping companies adapt to today´s markets, where innovation processes need to be as fast and original as possible if companies want to stay ahead of their competitors.

The Torch methodology, developed in Silicon Valley, blends the best from Design Thinking and Lean and adds a new multi-disciplinary and multisensorial ideation methodology on top. This new ideation methodology includes a wide range of tools and strategies specifically created to train your creative muscles and boost the ideation phase.

Through all the potential that creativity, divergence and multidisciplinary and multisensory strategies offer, Torch allows you to reach a better balance with analytical strategies, which have dominated corporate processes for a long time. These new techniques expand your horizons, opening new paths based on the combination of conscious and subconscious exploration, working in more unpredictable and organic ways. Later on, these processes converge onto practical and viable solutions.

This collaboration takes place through multiple options:

  1. Events for corporations, individuals and institutions, focused on the ideation stage or the whole innovation process.

  2. An online platform that keeps your creative muscles fit. It includes videos, tools, apps, infographics, workbooks and publications.

  3. Presential and remote training, one to one and for groups.

  4. Torch Creative Gyms. A blend of the physical and virtual that strengthens your creative muscles and produces innovative solutions for your organization (under construction)

  5. Libro: The Torch Principle, to internalize the key principles of Torch and train on your own.

If you want to know more about Torch methodology:

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