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Dramanagement or company-geared cinema. A long journey that has only just begun.

Having held the press conference, where three of the most important film festivals in Spain presented the new section dedicated to Company-geared Cinema, dramanagement has taken a step forward and reached a point at which there is nothing left to do but to grow.

With Toni Ulled – Editor in Chief at Fotogramas movies magazine – as moderator, as well as the participation of Sergi Corbeto– Founding Partner at Cookie Box -, the press conference where this new section was presented at the Sitges, Seville and San Sebastian Film Festivals began by explaining to those present what company-geared cinema or dramanagement consisted of;

“a new audiovisual format that uses the full narrative power of film to help companies get their messages across in a more emotive and memorable way”.

This is a new tool for internal communication within companies, with a clear pedagogical focus, as stated in EuropaPress, whether it is for developing talents, strengthening corporate messages, or conveying social sensitivity and organizational values.

So far, and without precluding the production of full-length feature films or short fiction films, which some companies have already used and which, in case there was any doubt as regards their difference with film for use in advertising, Corbeto ended by clarifying:

“We arent an advertising agency and dramanagement is not about empowering brands, but about empowering people and transmitting internal company values

Unanimously, the festival directors emphasized the absolute necessity, indeed duty, to take a chance on innovation, seeking new types of film, new audiences, and of course, new funding. Hence their support for the initiative of Cookie Box and, in turn, their commitment to company-geared cinema by inserting a new section in their programming, open to any company that makes this type of film. In particular, José Luis Rebordinos said that

 “we are seeking new formulas, and if we find an idea that brings companies closer to the world of cinema, lets welcome it. This kind of cinema has a long road to run and from San Sebastian we want to be there.

José Luis Cienfuegos, director of the European Film Festival in Seville, explained how

“when they spoke to me about dramanagement, at first I wondered how the language of businesses fitted into cinema; later I understood that we have a duty to re-invent ourselves and be open to new disciplines and new entrepreneurial forms . What interested me about Cookie Box was their creative ambition and in the end, of course, I supported the initiative.

Angel Sala ended by concluding:

“We have to create lines of communication with enterprises; traditionally cinema has turned its back on the industry and perhaps if that had changed earlier, the cinema (and culture in general), wouldnt be in trouble now. You have to constantly re-examine the Festival so as not to end up typecast. If we want cinema to have a future, and we want to give young talent opportunities, one must take a chance on applying film to other forms of understanding, in this case the language of business.

The press conference, which brought together personalities from the film world such as the directors, Leticia Dolera and Paco Plaza as well as the business and economic sphere, concluded with a debate about financing the cinema, which included ideas like benefitting from public subsidies and the demand for an urgent patronage law, but also, of course, to open the door to other forms of collaboration.

With company-geared cinema everyone wins; companies have a new and more effective communication tool thanks to the great potential of film; film thrives on new experiences, it gives opportunities to young talent and they find a new source of funding. A new future for cinema and with that, a long trajectory, awaits company-geared cinema or dramanagement.

We leave you with a tiny sample of the media impact that this press conference has had, held at the Verdi Park Cinema Barcelona but also broadcast by streaming from this website.

If you want to view the recording of the event, you just have to access Film and enterprise: the three major film festivals brought together in Barcelona (Spanish).


Three main Spanish festivals welcome dramanagement