We can THINK that we are still in charge and that nothing has changed.


We can SAY that we just need to adjust some pieces.


We can BELIEVE that we are doing it quite well, and that there is no need for a radical change in the way we deal with the people in our organizations.

Buy maybe our employees stopped connecting with what we ask for them at a corporate level, a long time ago. Maybe what we are proposing as something essential from a certain position (missions, visions, values, conducts, behaviours) is not having the impact we are looking for on the people of our organization. Maybe the changes are not happening as quickly as they should.

In order to make a good diagnosis, it is advisable to pay attention to the transformation of the relationships and the management of the information arriving from outside the company, i.e. from our homes and in the big Network, which allows us to see the value and the potential of collective development. At home, our employees are probably Prosumers: consumers and at the same time content creators.

What happens when these multi-skilled people cross the threshold of our company?

Do we turn them into mere consumers of our “product”? Do we allow them to mold the corporate reality, to change it, recreate it, improve it, enlarge it, expand it, connect it, make changes easier, participate in it…?

If the answer is no, we may not be generating the expected engagement, the emotional connection. And we may end-up heading toward a scenario of insignificance, ignorance, discredit, emotional absenteeism…

What can we do?

We don’t like global recipes, but every time we have opened the game for collective intelligence and co-creation, together with a courageous client, we found professionals who were:

  • Thrilled and participated with passion,,
  • Engaged in the search for solutions for the corporate challenges,
  • Taking on responsibility, turning into ambassadors of the change.

As usual, this trend, which we consider to be unstoppable, has already been named in the U.S.: EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT (EGC).

“Employee Generated Content (EGC) is the biggest HR strategy that most companies overlook. Your employees are smart, talented, and have plenty of things to say about your company. Giving them the tools and permission to share their knowledge or enthusiasm will pay you back many times over”. HR and Social Media: Employee Generated Content matters.

There you are. Smart, talented and with plenty of things to say. Do we see our employees in that way?

In the following articles about EGC I explain:

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