Strategic Leadership program based on a narrative universe inspired by the American Indians and an on-line gamified platform.

Cultural Change activation through a selected group of influencers and an online experience focused on the promotion of new behaviours.

Training in commercial skills and understanding of global services through a gamified platform with intergalactic challenges.

Awareness campaign regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

Strategic Leadership Program for the activation of new behaviours related with the VUCA world, through Business Jams, Storytelling and Gamification.

Vocational assessment and guide for teenagers through a gamified platform, the personal story of three YouTubers and multiple challenges.

Onboarding experience through a storytelling based on the Groundhog Day and an online platform with challenges and content related with the company.

Time management through the fun tips of the TimeStealer, a master on wasting his colleagues’ time.

Train operators training through an online experience which includes more than 60 min. of animation movie, 16 missions regarding theoretical content, social area…

On-boarding plan through an on-line training, a fresh storytelling and colourful materials.

Awareness and training of the new innovation model through Business Jams, short movies and on-line training.

Commercial training, voluntary and collaborative through Storytelling, Workshops where the most active ones become ambassadors.


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