The obligations of whatever kind that we all have after we turn 40 means that some friends can only get to see you for lunch occasionally. And of course, you talk about your stuff, and your work, and the projects you are involved in at that time. And when I do, my friends often ask me if I’ve changed jobs. And my first response is always the same: no, I’m still at Cookie Box.

And as our digital strategist always recommends that we write posts about what you realize you are repeating again and again, I hope you are going to allow me, from today on and throughout the month of March, to tell you the record of the facts from my perspective.

I hope our Dramanagement scriptwriters do not consider it an intrusion on my part, since I have limited myself to removing the GoPro I installed under my scalp back in 2007 and to linking in the most relevant cuts explaining our conception of the relationship between people and businesses.

So it won’t be a tribute to the people who have cooperated in order to get this far as there wouldn’t be enough space. Nor will it be a corporate speech divided into chapters. But for six years we have lived an almost initiatory journey that has led us to discovering new ways of doing things in companies, to solving old problems in new ways. And it’s my duty to share some of the things we have learned as well as from the many people who have enlightened us.

I’ll start with the process that led us to call a halt to the established training model. I will follow our first steps in edutainment, to reach the point where the boundaries of genre burst forth and we discovered that the way of combining our tools had a name: transmedia.  Now in the modern-day history of this company, we shall share the delightful “eureka moment” that we are living today thanks to gamification.

I have retrieved the first pictures from my subjective camera, those of my landing in the attractive world of consulting. And I want to share with you how my initial feelings of surprise, anxiety and euphoria quickly turned into something unimaginable.

Do you want to know what was that?