As I said in the previous chapter of this story entitled, Edutainment lies at the heart of the new Cookie Box methods, we had come to the conclusion that training and entertainment had to go hand in hand. And being consistent, we decided to go for explaining the proposals of our new tools that had been born under the Edutainment umbrella to potential customers, with a story. Travelling with us and tucked under our arm was a magenta-coloured box, which made our intentions very clear. Within this box was our treasure, a story told in three acts and using three different arts: Film, comic and videogame.

In spite of having no doubts about the diagnosis of the situation regarding the training and development outlook, it is always comforting to confirm that you’re on the right track when you embark on an adventure. And thus, back in 2009, José Lomo of Periferia (and today a leading member of the Cookie Box Community), asked us:

“Have you heard of Transmedia? You tell stories in Transmedia format.

And we discovered (thanks Jose!) that what we had been doing for over a year in the consultancy sphere of training and development, was an unstoppable cultural trend.

The welcome was good enough for us to consider communication or PR actions in 2011. And being consistent (once again), we decided to explain our proposal (and show our early work) at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Our potential customers, friends and the film industry, compelled us to shape and refine our proposal in an unforgettable week.

And we continue making our way, debugging the processes and improving the artistic level of Dramanagement.

At that time, we were already aware of the importance of providing the same level of artistic quality in all our productions. With over 30 short films behind us (which comprised part of the most diverse range of projects) and a second appearance in San Sebastian, the film productions were well on track: a good staff of talented writers and experienced in Management. Managers eager to contribute their talent and explore new fields. Balance between art and practicality.

The time to balance our offer had arrived and it would force us to raise the level in the remaining media.

Which way is it to continue?