Virtual Reality came, definitely, to stay. Sooner or later companies will embrace it and introduce it in their training and development programs. VR will become a broadly used tool thanks to its immersive power and the autonomy that it offers to users, requiring a more active role that empowers the transformation companies are looking for.

We are in front of a post-viewer who doesn’t stand up passively in front of the images, but collaborates with them, in a way that mental processes are expressed now through the body, the user’s gestures (…). If we look at it from this, absolutely necessary perspective, the new media provides new ways of thinking”.

Josep M. Català

Playing with reality, Morrosko Vila-San-Juan

Therefore, we are facing a post-viewer immersed in a complete, active and interactive experience. Which is physical as well.


At Cookie Box we are developing our first training and development project, based on based on contents deployed through 360º Virtual Reality (VR). A fascinating production of 16 VRLiveCases (4 cases for each 4 types of clients defined) in order to recreate a regular day for a banking commercial agent, and generate an experience which requires a proper interaction from the user. In such way that, overcoming all the stages and challenges suggested, the user increases his awareness, transforms his role as a commercial agent and improves his competences towards a consultative selling approach, which has been designed taking into account his new reality. And, like always, designing an experience which focuses on the user’s insights and motivations to engage him into action.


The banking company that pioneers this adventure with us was seeking for an attractive way to activate employees’ specific behaviours, those needed for the commercial strategy implementation. Therefore, project goals were:

  1. To increase awareness regarding the urgent need to transform their commercial role and the relationships they establish with their clients;

  2. To provide practical tools and techniques, easy to implement within their daily activity; and

  3. To activate key behaviours that materialize the new commercial strategy.

With these goals, we defined an experience which combines immersion, participation, consultancy, 360º videos, beautiful graphic design and daily impact through practical challenges.

As always, it was essential to merge Storytelling with Consultancy, in a precise and balanced formula able to hook the participant’s attention as well as to transfer complex key messages. One of the keys to success is this balancing, understanding the complexity of the business and its transformation, as well as taking into account the ingredients that build a pleasant and fun experience.


The project gives the user the opportunity to experience, in first person and from four different perspectives and characters, all the stages of a commercial process.

The experience not only takes place through the Virtual Reality contents, but also in a Social App and an online LMS platform, all of them connected and integrated to ensure a unique and smooth experience. Key messages and knowledge are spread through:

  • Online games

  • Offline challenges

  • Take-away learning inphographies

VR 360

From a technical point of view, the tailor-made 360º application is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Cardboard glasses which allow the 360º visualization and the video interaction. This interaction is, in fact, very powerful to move the audience into action, by answering questions, overcoming challenges or choosing a specific client or element displayed on the screen.


The experience has been designed to offer wide KPIs possibilities, both qualitative and quantitative, which ensure the goals’ achievement.