It’s been quite a frenetic month at Cookie Box UK. Spring has finally arrived and we’ve been super busy preparing and pitching at a couple of very interesting events. Reasons enough to be happy, right? 🙂

Note for the reader: Attention please, this post contains a highly amount of self-celebration and self-recognition. Not recommended for competitors or haters –if any, in the room-. For the rest of the readers and fans, please take a seat and enjoy the read. 100% naturally expressed words from our lately achievements.

It’s been quite a frenetic month at Cookie Box UK. It looks like spring has finally arrived to the city, and that’s simply a good reason to be in a permanent good mood. But not just because of this, also because we’ve been super busy preparing and pitching at a couple of interesting events.

The first event was organized by TEA –the Themed Entertainment Association-. 3 days to discuss, together with the big EMEA entertainment industry stakeholders, all about trends, success cases and learnings. As we couldn’t expect less from experts in the entertainment industry, the place chosen in the British countryside had an incredible charm. Simply lovely!

And why is an originally HR consultancy now entering the Entertainment Industry? Well, first of all we are continuously telling our clients to keep their minds open, their curiosity awake and to try to learn from other industries; all of them essential ingredients to cope with the rhythm and constant evolution of the VUCA -Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous- reality. As a consequence, we also push ourselves out of the comfort of HR and keep the coherence between what we say and what we do. It’s not written in our values, but tattooed in our souls.

The interesting point is how we, the industry ‘foreigners’, have also interesting insights to share with them. And of course we do! The Motivational Design ingredients we combine inside the companies to raise engagement and the memorability are as valid for employees as they are for Amusement Park users.Óscar García-Pañella was one of the selected speakers. With his speech he shared questions, gave answers and tools and, above all, food for thought to the audience when designing their next adventure.

And just when we were recovering energies after it, the Learning & Development Show, organized by CIPD, opened its doors in London. 2 days where we raised the Cookie Box UK flat. Here we are, ready to surprise you! And that’s exactly what happened.

Attendants walking by our booth were curious, either because our name caught their attention or due to the decoration of our booth, that had little information about who we are and what we do.

Instead, an experience was advertised:

  1. Choose an object,
  2. Play the movie (& enjoy a sweet cookie :); and
  3. Discover who the Window Cleaner is.

An experience through which the audience understood what we do, by doing it. Because that’s exactly what we do, we design experiences using Transmedia Storytelling and Gamification, and we couldn’t just go there and explain it with words, right? Again, the coherence running through our veins.

And on top of that, Oscar again jumping onto the stage. This time, though, to talk about Sustainable Learning Ecosystems, by using one of our success cases as an example: the leadership development at Heineken.

Through this project, called How! Heineken, we shared important tips to create engagement, hook participant’s attention and sustain the activity in the long term. The keys of the experience are:

We don’t think that we have more words to self-recognise the hard work of these days, and how happy we are about all of what we are achieving. And, let’s be honest, all this happiness expressed in this over-sugared post would have never been real without all of you, our clients, who believe in us and are brave enough to embrace new ways of delivering, transforming and creating learning spaces.

Thanks, sincerely, to all.

Let’s keep on rocking it!