Inspiring Session at Affinity Petcare: Employees in a factory knocking down a 15-meter wall to discover the company’s corporate strategy and building a giant value chain. Experiencing that machines without people are nothing. An incredible day and hard to beat.

Affinity Petcare






To communicate the new strategic lines of Affinity Petcare in a memorable way.

To actively involve and conduct fun activities for all employees of one of the main brand’s factory.

To enhance the cohesion of the team and its overall vision of the company.


Affinity Petcare wants to involve the employees of one of its factories in the strategic change the company is undertaking. They consider the involvement of the factories’ employees to be vital, both because of the impact that the changes represent in their daily work – new processes and machinery based on Lean methodologies – and by the transcendence of their role within the company value chain.

Employees from a factory knocking down a 15-meter wall, building a giant value chain and connecting with the corporate strategy of the company.

We suggested to work with the concept “D-Day”, as the day we step up, understand the benefits and feel the will to be committed to the project. The day we take a firm step, realizing that our effort is transcendent, that brings something relevant and that is why we have to grow, learn and unite. It’s like we knock down a wall.

Under this concept, Cookie Box, along with the Human Resources department of Affinity Petcare, designs a full-day gamified experience.


All the employees of the factory (150 people) were summoned to a large room in which they found a 20-meter long wall made of EPS that occupied a big part of the room, raising questions and mystery among the participants, and becoming one of the protagonists of the day.

The session consists of a journey of transformation and change divided into 4 phases:

1. The lego Tower: A counter-activity in which the teams have to divide themselves into two specific roles: communicators and builders. The first must run behind the wall and observe a figure built with pieces of Lego to memorize it and instruct the builders, so they can reproduce it. Those who can look at the original figure (communicators) cannot help build, so those who build it have to do it “blindly”, following only in the instructions of their peers.

2. Corporate Presentation in line with the Storytelling: The different speakers of the event translate key messages giving the new strategic lines in an informal and close environment. All of them introduce in their discourses messages connected with the concept of the event – Day D – contributing to all day coherence and enhancing the metaphor of each one of the activities. After listening to the key messages, several participants take to the stage to tell their own “D-Days”, stories related to Affinity Petcare and moments of personal and professional growth.

3. Breaking down the wall: After lunch and after viewing a giant projection on the wall -an inspirational audiovisual containing the key messages of the event-, the participants rushed to throw the wall that does not let them see the strategy, tearing down walls of communication and visualizing a great poster with the new path. Epic moment of the day, in which after many bets on what was hidden behind the wall, they manage to overcome the barrier “of isolation and the invisibility of the strategy of the company.”

4. The value chain: The last activity of the afternoon is collective. 150 people divided into groups of 8-10 have the mission to reproduce the value chain of Affinity Petcare through a giant mechanism of delayed effects. Each group receives a box with various materials: tubes, rubber bands, dominoes … and all of this must become a part of the value chain and make a golf ball pass from one group to another. The outcome, an excellent delivery to the client as a result of many teams connected to each other following processes and executing tasks in an excellent way.

Estas son las primeras piezas desarrolladas y expuestas en el Canal Ético de Abertis con la intención de difundir la conciencia sobre el tema, provocar la identificación de cada una de esas conductas y permitir ponerles freno.


Involvement, applause, enthusiasm and congratulations. A day, in which the participants created equipment, demolished walls, competed, collaborated and above all, knew first-hand the strategy of the company. A day of cohesion, work and fun that left a mark on the factory’s employees.

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