How to improve the time management within meetings thanks to a funny set of co-created cards, which fight against Time-Stealers in the meetings.



Time management
Conflict management
Decision taking
Digital Competences


Videos (Storytelling)
Set of cards (Gamification)
10 Golden Rules for effective meetings (Decalogue)


To optimize the efficiency in day-to-day meetings among the whole Company, which tend to be excessive and highly inefficient.


The client brought up the need to improve internal meetings, especially regarding time management, a direct cause of meetings’ inefficiency.

A humoristic and ironical approach to real culture transformation.

The strategy started with an awareness campaign followed by a card game the users would find in each meeting room to help them fighting against the well-known Time-Stealer.

5 audiovisual pieces with tips on how to waste your colleague’s time :D, the Time-Stealer game based on a set of cards and a 10 Golden Rules for Meetings.

From Cookie Box we suggested a co-creation session with Directors and Managers, where they agreed on the new 10 Golden Rules of a meeting ritual, as well as the materials to communicate the change. These elements became later raw material for the awareness videos, which introduced the narrative and the inefficient situations, as well as raw material for the card game.


The first workshop with the Directors started with a fake meeting in which each of them had specific goals to achieve and behaviours to activate, of course hidden from the rest of participants. A fun icebreaker activity to demonstrate how difficult a meeting management can be.

After this awareness activity, Directors listed all possible dysfunctions within meetings all over the company, clustered them and summarized them up to create the 10 Golden Rules Decalogue.

After this first workshop, we had a similar session with the Middle-Management, to double check and incorporate their experience into both, the Decalogue and the set of cards. Managers also shared real stories and examples of non-effective situations in meetings, more material for us for the scripts development, to make them as real as possible, so anyone could identify him or herself with a character.

Both co-creation sessions were designed balancing rigorous content and a fun approach, which promoted collaborative activities, a comfortable space where to share real experiences and very fun moments which proved, once more, that sometimes reality outdoes fiction.

To sum it up, the outputs from the project were:

1. The Time-Stealer tips: 5 videos with the same main character, the Time-Stealer, who gave fun and exaggerated tips on how to waste your colleague’s time.

2. The Card Game, with all the Time-Stealer “superpowers”: arriving late and without having read the previous documentation, just caring about the achievement of your own goals, constantly checking your phone, coming in and out of the room, ending up not taking any decision or not writing any next steps or report… Up to 30 “tips” as well as 30 antidotes –short sentences- designed to “eliminate” each of them.


A widely-followed communication campaign; super positive feedback regarding the main character and an increase of the global awareness and the new Golden Rules. Furthermore, the word “Time-Stealer” became part of their day-to-day vocabulary and culture.

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