A 30-minute Digital Experience which combines videos inspired in famous Late Shows with gamification elements, both merged to talk about innovation.





Monologue (video)
In-depth interview (video)
Digital platform
Online games


To transform InnovAction workshops (previously developed among key targets) into a digital, easy-to-use experience which focuses on the activation of behaviours that promote innovation.

To increase the number of innovation project proposals within the organization.


After a first innovation phrase training implemented through face-to-face sessions which was attended by 350 managers from all over Spain, Simply wanted to extend the impact of the training to its total 4,000 employees. The goal: to internalize the simple and powerful innovation process, as well as to understand that innovation must be part of everyday routine and everyone’s responsibility.

A 30-minute Digital Experience which combines videos inspired in famous Late Shows with gamification elements, both merged to talk about innovation.

We also aimed to break down prejudices such as “this is not part of my job”, “I don’t have good ideas”, “my idea won’t be good enough”, or “if they pick up my proposal I’ll have to work much more…”.


Cookie Box suggested a fun and innovative approach, something which went beyond the traditional on-line trainings and used fresh update formats such as Late Shows to increase the user experience. In particular, we wrote a personalized monologue focusing on the most typical excuses and problems the company was facing when talking about innovation; followed by an in-depth interview to a company employee who became a referent in terms of proactivity and innovation: While working in the warehouse, she suggested many ideas in the internal channel the company opened to gather innovation opportunities.

Both contents, the monologue and the interview, were divided into chapters and became the connexion pieces along the experience, complemented by contents and digital games.


The project was developed and connected with Simply LMS, becoming one of the main trainings open to employees. The project’s main ingredients are:

An introduction monologue in which the Innovation Late Show host is looking for a special celebrity inside Simply, the Innovation. A fun and entertaining opening which aims to make fun of employees’ prejudices related to innovation and increase awareness about its importance for the company evolution.

In-depth interview to the previously referred employee, who explained a real innovation suggestion she made and all the process until it became a real implemented project. Divided into chapters, each of them was focusing on one of the 6 main stages of the innovation process, becoming the opening of a content unit.

Online games which complement each chapter, developing and training the skills needed in each process stage.

The training finished with the development of a little innovation project, in which all the content and skills learned were finally applied in the real context. The project, which explores the 6 stages of the Innovation process, was transformed into an infographic and delivered to the HR Department.

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