An inspiring concept based on American Indian leaders (How) and a gamified online platform, as the main elements to boost cultural change.



Change management
Team development
Cultural transformation


Multiformat communication campaign (Transmedia)
Gamified platform
Challenges, activities, missions
Training rewards based on meritocracy


To create culture and community, increase awareness and promote leadership conversations and day-to-day actions among Heineken managers.

To provide practical information, differential, engaging, based on self-development training, in order to activate behaviours of Heineken leaders based on their competences.


In a constantly changing context, Heineken considers the need to continue to train leaders who are willing to inspire, guide, support and obtain the best of their employees, creating high-performance teams and staking on their talent as a differential value.

An inspiring concept based on the figure of American Indian leaders (How) and a gamified online platform to develop the new corporate leading style and each of its competences.

Based on selected behaviours and taking into account Heineken’s own strong corporate culture, Cookie Box co-created two out of four elements from a wide and ambitious leadership transformation programme. The solution: a flexible experience, designed to create impact and empower managers with the tools required in order to get the best out of their teams, who will become committed as well in their own self-development.


An thus, HOW Heineken, the project, was born: a gamified digital platform which offers a development itinerary following the Indian leader metaphor, a storytelling concept with a relevant role when evolving the theoretical content into a transformational experience.

Why HOW? How as the Indian greeting. How as an open and intelligent question that shows interest. How as a way of doing, a character. It is also part of having KnowHow, a Heineken distinctive feature.

The HOW Heineken platform has been designed taking into account multiple game elements -guilds (6), online and offline challenges, competition, rewards, collaboration spaces, co-creation…-, all in all to promote the activation of the requested change of behaviour.

The platform activity is generated by means of 2 main dynamics:

1. Missions, related to behaviours that each manager can apply freely, according to his or her needs. Each mission suggests a pedagogical itinerary with quick and very practical challenges, with a final part where the manager has to apply all the learnings into day-to-day routines.

2. Temporal challenges, launched in the platform to all players, which increase participation, leadership discussions among them, and raises general engagement levels with the platform.

All the material created, tips and tools, will be categorized and deposited in the Wisdom space.

Any positive activity benefits players’ profile with points and badges that position themselves in the common ranking. Often, points are linked with offline rewards, extra training or inspirational sessions.

One of the platform key elements is the Moderator, called Shaman, who answers players’ questions, generates new content and moderates discussions; all in all to create an environment where leaders receive live feedback, feel comfortable sharing their experiences, giving their opinion and learning from each other.


HOW Heineken has raised a high participation rate, based on quality interactions as well as on the qualitative number of missions accomplished and active players, always considering that it is an optional training.

The project is a double award-winner. It was not only awarded at external contest, organized by a national Spanish newspaper and Adecco, but also at an internal one, which considered HOW Heineken the best HR project among the Heineken projects worldwide.

The project will continue evolving during the next year, increasing the number of players and developing new content and challenges that keep engaging the audience.

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