A project to overcome the obstacles of the geographical dispersion of the sales team through an on-line learning community based on collaboration and resolution of challenges.

Kern Pharma




Annual Sales Convention
Game Related Test (GRT)
Gamified on-line platform
Challenges, missions, activities

To redesign the sales training program, transforming it into a live space where to connect and share with their colleagues.
To update sales contents and connect them with their reality, latest trends and industry news.
To move into action by activating new abilities that would improve their results.

Kern Pharma, pharmaceutical company benchmark of the generic market and part of the international holding Indukern Group, was facing a double challenge regarding their commercial team:

To update the sales training in terms of content, methodology and technology; and to create a feeling of community and sense of belonging among a team which is geographically dispersed.

In order to design a proposal which would fit the participants’ needs, we suggested to start with:

1. Game Related Test: a tool which allows us to get insight about what motivates the target.

2. Co-creation Business Jam: a face-to-face session with the HR Team and the Sales Managers.

Besides, we also analysed their current technological platform (Sap – Success Factor) in order to know its functions and possibilities, therefore we would adapt the experience design to it.

To sum it up, we suggested the creation of an online ecosystem that would allow participants to collaborate, compete, share knowledge and overcome challenges that would impact directly their results.


When developing the program, we took into account the learnings and key success points from similar previous projects (HOW! Heineken or Suez), as well as the culture and the specifications of Kern Pharma. And so, Bsales was born.

The project development had several stages:

Game Related Test (GRT), to get to know the target. Thanks to this own tool, we discovered the more common motivational types among the sales team.

Co-creation Business Jam, to connect with their reality. This co-creation session with RH and Sales Managers allowed us to know the needs of the Sales Team, the contents we should develop as well as the types of challenges that would have a real effect in their job performance.

On-boarding event, to raise curiosity and create engagement. The project launch was during the Annual Sales Convention, where we introduced the main functionalities of the new ecosystem and launch the first challenge: participants would explain the benefits of the platform through short advertisement movies. The adds resulting were part of the first online challenge, as well as its communication campaign.

The online experience: structured and flexible. The training itinerary was based on atomized knowledge pills, called Missions. Some of the content delivered was related with: sales basics to face a 2.0 world, how to transform time into your best ally or selling styles to train your flexibility. An important figure in the online ecosystem is the Community Facilitator, who:

  • ensures that all teams overcome the challenges,
  • encourages participation and connects the reality and the industry trends with the content,
  • creates extra challenges according to what users like or are engaged to,
  • and gives real time and quality feedback about the challenges’ results.

This way, we achieve a balance between the structured contents and “fresh air” and flexibility brought by the Community Facilitator.


Some nice words from what participants liked most:

“The methodology. I think it’s modern and it merges all the contents, helping you grow in a professional and personal way”.

“To be connected with all my colleagues in the same place. I can interact with those I don’t see regularly and get to know the new ones”.
“To be able to give our opinion and learn from the other’s experience”.
“The way the training is delivered: engaging and flexible”.

Some nice data* to take into account:

  • 160 participants in total
  • + 85% completed the training part on time
  • + 1.000 views of the mission per month
  • + 130 comments sharing knowledge per mission

*Average from the first 4 months of interaction.

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