A 5-chapter series to transform risky behaviours regarding IT Security into more secure conducts.



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Risk Information Management


Introductory teaser
5-Chapter web series


To raise awareness about the critical role human behaviours play in terms of IT Security.

To show the serious consequences, both in the personal and professional field, that some innocent and unconscious actions can imply.

To offer practical and useful tips related to internal policies such as how to avoid similar situations as the ones shown in the series.


Our client, an important company in the banking sector, aware that some human behaviours are key to prevent critical violations in terms of cyber security, aims to create an original, engaging & thrilling awareness campaign using digital formats, to talk about hidden cyberspace risks and the huge consequences that one of these behaviours can bring with it.

Awareness campaign regarding the risks that daily non-conscious behaviours can imply in terms of information management and IT security.

From Cookie Box we suggested, as the main campaign element, a web series with a mysterious character called Phil Safe, who prevents cyberspace crimes just right before they can be committed, and spreads out knowledge regarding numerous risks and their devastating consequences. The chapters were spread through newsletters and the company’s internal platform, with a link to a microsite created ad-hoc


Taking the butterfly effect, and the unsuspected consequences that a little naïf click can cause, as an inspirational concept, we developed the main character, Phil Safe, who is able to decode IT Security risks and to prevent those unsafe clicks.

During the 5-chapter series, Phil Safe will interact with 5 different situations and their consequences, fighting against the bad guys: Riskies; always waiting in the dark, waiting for your inappropriate click. Therefore, we’ll see scenes dealing with pen drives containing confidential information which are not secured by a proper password, a massive fake e-mailing campaign, the consequences of not having a proper parental security App on your mobile devices, etc. Behaviours that not even the most advanced antivirus software can detect and prevent.

After a first introduction chapter in which Phil Safe explains the audience who he is, he’ll get deeper into the following topics:

  1. Online shopping,

  2. Digital tools and kids,

  3. Pen drives and how to keep your information safe,

  4. Kidnapping & information rescue (aka. fishing),

  5. Social Network privacy policies and appropriate uses.

This narrative is distributed through newsletters, which also include 4 tips and basic recommendations on how to tackle each issue, as well as additional information unlocked in the digital platform. All of the elements are designed and communicated under the same narrative universe and style.


The awareness campaign has been a huge success, since the series has been followed with big interest among the bank employees and the main character has become popular and viral. We are currently thinking about a possible second season and other spaces where Phil Safe could make some live appearance.

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