A few-months’ experience in which new employees live corporate values following a story and interacting with it.



Onboarding Plan
Corporate Values & Culture


Cinema & Storytelling


To create a uniform onboarding plan which deploys knowledge related to corporate values, in a fun and experiential environment.

To facilitate a more independent newcomers’ follow-up process.


BSH identified improvement areas in their current onboarding plan. Above others, it required a lot of dedication and time from the direct newcomer’s manager. Therefore, results weren’t uniform, but related with each manager’s communication skills and time availability.

Another improvement area, in a more strategic scale, was related with the communication of the corporate values and culture. Also, at an operative level, they required a hub in which to gather useful information needed for the newcomers’ day-to-day.

A few-months’ experience in which new employees live corporate values following a story and interacting with it.

We designed an employee-focused experience able to connect all their needs. The result was an online gamified platform which deploys all the content and activates behaviours through offline challenges.


Cookie Box suggested the deployment of the content through a story that literally reminds Groundhog Day. The main character, a new employee, got stuck in his first day at work, and he requests help from the audience who, by overcoming challenges and unlocking content, will help him progress into a new –different-day. All the situations he’ll go through are influenced by values, the same values the player works with in the challenges and following activities.


The movie starts with the main character asking for help.During all the experience the main character will interact both with internal and external clients, collaborate with his new team and deal with innovation… but his way of dealing with these situations is… let’s say, far from the BSH way. Using humour and exaggerating situations, the audience understands exactly which one is the BSH way.

The process drives players into a pedagogical learning process which is repeated in each experience phase: Awareness – Knowledge – Training – Applying.

Awareness, which refers to the movie chapters that hooks them to the story. Knowledge, which delivers useful information needed to overcome the next phase, Training, which includes up to 5 different online games. The last part, Applying, consists in offline challenges that will move players into action, and therefore into applying each value content in their new contexts. Finally, if they’ve been successful in the experience, they will be able to free their virtual colleague, the one stuck in the never-ending loop.

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