A platform with interstellar challenges to train commercial skills and strengthen a global Company vision.



Services offered by the company
Commercial and social skills


Gamified platform
Offline gamified challenges (interconnected with the platform)


To promote, from the beginning of young professionals’ careers, a global understanding of KPMG services that goes beyond their specific department.

To train them in the latest commercial techniques in order to ensure their optimal corporate advisory skills.


KPMG, one of the biggest consultancy firms worldwide, requested the development of a training experience which would cover their two main objectives with young professionals: on the one side, to improve commercial skills training, and on the other, to increase their knowledge about KPMG’s global service offer, expanding their vision to other departments. A training developed to eventually increase cross-knowledge among departments and therefore create better integrated offers to clients.

A gamified platform which aims to strengthen a global Company vision through a deeper knowledge of all services KPMG offers, promoting the detection of future opportunities, and therefore, increasing cross-selling.

Taking into account the target of the project, KPMG evaluated new learning experiences, and considered Cookie Box’s approach, using Gamified Transmedia Storytelling platforms, as adequate when aiming to impact youngsters.


Cookie Box designed and entirely developed KPMG Win Base, a gamified platform which offers a memorable experience overcoming galactic missions based on commercial skills. Developed for young professionals who enrol the company, it aims to strengthen the global Company vision through a deeper knowledge of all services KPMG offers, promoting the detection of future opportunities, and therefore, increasing cross-selling.


The challenge was big enough: to merge technical knowledge related to KPMG’s offer and commercial skills; all in all, in a fun, memorable training experience.First of all, as usual, we needed to find the storytelling universe that will better fit the project’s audience. We quickly found galaxies and space as the metaphor of this training journey.

Ignition towards the KPMG Universe

Year 2227, it’s been more than 200 years since KPMG Win Base established the first contact with other galaxies. From Earth, the organization has been promoting important intergalactic trade agreements, allowing growth and development of all economic relationships, and leading to the most important ever commercial route from all over the Universe, which connects all interstellar civilizations through more than 450,000 light years.

But not everything is so splendorous… The route has grown so fast that it became highly complex and turbulent. The enormous commercial activity flows are now about to collapse the Earth’s main control centre, implying a tremendous crisis in the rest of the galaxies.

KPMG Win Base Directors Board decided to entrust KPMG newcomers a very specific challenge: to help other intergalactic crews overcoming the problems they’ll face during the journey, in order to prevent the system to collapse. For the mission, they’ll need to prove their deep company knowledge and multiple skills.

Game Design

The story takes place in this intergalactic journey in which the new employees pilot their own spaceship searching for other crews that might have trouble to reach their goals. The challenges and problems they’ll need to solve will require the collaboration and combination of different consultancy services offered by KPMG. In exchange, the crew they helped will reward them with energy to continue their trip and improve –buying new pieces in the online shop- their spaceship.

The challenges suggested are related to the content that needs to be improved: adequate questions, identification of the psychographic profile of the travellers you’ll meet, knowledge of KPMG’s offer in order to make an adequate suggestion, etc. After a successful interaction with other spaceships, offline challenges will be unlocked, empowering players to share, collaborate or co-create in a real life context.

Along the journey, the pilot can check the KPIs that evaluate his performance and receive external rewards related to a specific motivator: Status (new spaceship pieces), Mastery (free access to secret information) or Contacts (promoting internal network).


The client valued in a very positive way the experience itself, which merged art and gamification in a very balanced formula. It was difficult –they said- because we really wanted to challenge the audience, we needed flexibility -the user is the owner of his experience, deciding the level of implication and self-development- and a high emotional engagement level -fun experience, learning and transformation-; and finally the innovation that means such a new training format hasn’t let anyone remain indifferent.

“People are having a lot of fun with WinBase, they write e-mails to us like talking to the “Main Win Base Directors Board… The percentage of participation is also quite high, and without any doubt after some adjustments out of these first trials it will keep rising.”

Carmen Herranz, KPMG, Responsible for the WinBase project.

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