A five-chapter webseries to increase awareness about the importance of following Compliance policies and Ethic commitment.



Compliance (Legal)




To raise awareness among employees about the importance of knowing the law and the ethical commitments related with the company.

To spread specific policies, what they imply and the consequences for the entire company when violated, increasing knowledge about the topic.


Companies have the need to increase and focus on Compliance policies awareness. The usual available channel for such goal is internal communication campaigns. It is a must, when facing such challenge, to create a high-impact emotional message, deployed using the best audiovisual quality. All in all to stimulate memorability and help employees identify and prevent future procedure violations.

Awareness campaign about the importance of Compliance policies and Ethic Commitment.

Cookie Box suggested a powerful main element inspired in detective investigation movies which would allow employees to connect with Compliance from an emotional side, thanks to a structured storyline, with its own mysteries, surprises and script twists.


The 5-chapter series follows the investigations of a Compliance expert journalist, who is in charge of a new case related with the Business Association. Both she and the Association President will work together on identifying possible fraudulent companies. Eventually, once the Association is cleaned up, an important foreign investor will be able to proceed with a new investment. But, in this journey, not all allies are as fair and trustworthy as they pretended to be.

Even though the series has a general storyline, each chapter focuses on a specific Compliance topic:

  1. Conflict of Interest when hiring new suppliers

  2. Offence against intellectual and industrial property

  3. Offence related with information disclosure and confidential information leaking

  4. Corruption between private parties (bribery)

  5. Environmental crime

The series focuses on the professional and criminal consequences arising out of each of the above mentioned offences, and is complemented with newsletters containing extra knowledge, challenges and specific information about how the policies are applied in each client’s organization. All in all, a memorable campaign designed to hook the audience’s attention and to deploy technical content, which is hard to understand and interiorize when using traditional formats.

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