Gamification dynamics-based workshops with co-creation techniques and open innovation that accelerates shared knowledge and learning, such as finding innovative solutions.


Next generation video games are used for Business Jams to observe competencies and skills.


An activity based around video games that allows emotional, rational, and social skills to be observed. It can be used as a dynamic Team Building activity which facilitates shared learning. A more sophisticated use is as an assessment tool in diverse areas of managing people.

This is a disruptive experience in which the participants have authentic spontaneous reactions to the situations in the game.

These actions can be analyzed to obtain a deeper understanding of your team – and your team dynamics (Team Building version). It can also be part of a rigorous assessment (Assessment version) in which the videogame reduces the artificial tension of the assessment. In groups, the participants play a collaborative videogame which requires them to cooperate to pass each of the levels. A team member will have the role of observer in collaboration with the profile consultor during each game.

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A Business Jam about the Rules of the Game in the Digital age (a workshop designed in collaborations with IESE Business School)


A business case gamified in which the participants learn in the key skills and competencies needed to adapt to VUCA times in a fun, exploratory environment. The skills acquired are less of a technological nature and more humanistic: global vision, transparency, curiosity, information management, authenticity, agility, constructive criticism, managing uncertainty…

This Business Jam brings to light the elements you need to take into account when coming up with a digital strategy, such as how to face both the risks and opportunities that arise in the digital area.

It is developed through well thought out, tried and tested activities (essential), materials that have been designed with the utmost quality and rigor and preserving an imperative space for discussion and active participation collectively within the teams themselves.

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Business Jam through Transmedia Storytelling


Storytelling, or emotional communication, is the most powerful – yet unsung – technique in our country’s organizations.

Data driven presentations dominate companies, which leaves room for considerable improvement in this area. The creation of a story that connects the desires and the emotions of our audience with our objective immensely increases our influencer potential.

In the last few years, multichannel and multiformat have replaced communication and stories. Stories need to be broken down at the atomic level to be disseminated adequately across diverse channels of communication. This enables a more effective communication experience, befitting the actual social digital age we live in.

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Business Jam to activate learning ecosystems and collaboration: from an e-learning platform to an active learning ecosystem.


Technological evolution in companies has brought about an important development in their teams via digital platforms. However, these platforms do not guarantee a positive ROI for their investment. Nor are they always successful in creating or providing a participative active development ecosystem.

Through a guided co-created session, we discover the keys to a successful active learning ecosystem. These include business and organization culture strategy alignment, an attractive and inspirational user experience, quality content or methodologies adapted to your audience’s profile, interests and motivators. At the same time, we plan what we have to do to make our digital environment attractive to our audience. We want to make it a place they “want to be” where they reach our learning ecosystem’s objectives.

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Business Jam about the keys to managing information and decision making in responsive organizations (workshop co-designed with IESE Business School).


Directors and organizations need to respond swiftly to the fast-changing demands of today’s market. We’re living in volatile, uncertain times that require us to be both inter- and hyperconnected. Professionals make decisions without seeing the full picture, whilst different units within the same company do so with asymmetrical pieces of the puzzle. This leaves no room for continual contrasting or updating in a high exchange rate environment.

The key to survival and success lies in committing to becoming a responsive organization – a new business model that adapts quickly to the situation. Understanding the framework that sets your organization apart from others and finding authenticity are at the base of this new model. In this session we discover the very essence, the “why” that moves all our relevant stakeholders and the keys to responsive authenticity.


This activity galvanizes participants to experience firsthand the risks and opportunities a volatile, intoxicated and hyperconnected environment has to offer. Together they discover how the values at the heart of their organization have become an essential shared framework.


Every team works as a department and should select their strategy based on internal, external and asymmetric (WhatsApp, notes, newspaper clippings, web sources etc.) information and a highly uncertain framework.

Will each of the different leaders be able to bring to the table coherent views and amongst themselves create the right strategy that inspires and drives reinvention? What if the context needs a new strategical direction? What if this new direction needs to be executed from a real business proposal?


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Business Jam about managing change through programming Lego Mindstorms robots


Lego Mindstorms is the next evolutionary step up from old school Lego. A combination of the best of creative construction and the latest in simple, yet effective, robotic technology. A proposal that seamlessly connects with the current reality of organizations: immersed in continual changes with the objective of reaching the new normal.

Programming and developing a robot becomes the perfect scenario to learn new, never considered before, skills (coding and robotics), together with other new essential ones for this extremely volatile environment (speed, how to react to change and how to manage uncertainty to name but a few).


Through different challenges in relation to the adaptation and programming of a robot, the participants will take a tour of the various elements involved in the process of change. The collection of incomplete information, the negotiation of resources, the resolution of incidents until the initial role transformation, the transfer to another team and the consequences and adaptation needed. All this without losing sight of the objective, striving to perform well, enjoying the journey and celebrating success.

The experience comes to an end facilitating and connecting the dynamics to the changes faced in day to day life.


During this activity, dynamics and key skills needed for successfully navigating a new working context are activated: 

Collaboration and working in a team; adaptability and learning agility (to new situations and challenges); self-management and independence to find your own resources and make decisions; interdependence and collaboration; sense of urgency; coherence; global vision and open mindedness. What else is there to learn about managing change?

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Business Jam about cultural change and finding innovative solutions. Based on Design Thinking techniques.


Design Thinking is designers’ go-to methodology when they need to solve complex problems and find attractive solutions for their clients. It is a problem-solving process applicable to all kinds of challenges and contexts – especially:

  1. An anthropocentric view based on empathy (clients’ needs)
  2. Overcoming the individual perspective in favor of a holistic view and the work of interdisciplinary teams.
  3. The combination of rational (objective) thinking and intuitive (emotional, creative) thinking.
  4. The use of visual thinking to transmit creative ideas.

On the one hand, we are far too used to facing challenges at work from an individualist approach, missing out on the benefits that any other perspective might bring. On the other hand, we work almost exclusively from rationality, wasting any divergency that creative techniques could bring to professionals’ daily challenges.

But what happens when we need new answers to new challenges? … this is the situation that we are currently in, a full paradigm shift.

THINK UP is a Business Jam for finding solutions to business challenges using interdisciplinary interaction and a combination of precise rational with intuition and creativity. This is achieved by overcoming a series of challenges (which follow the stages of Design Thinking: 1. Observation, 2. Storytelling, 3. Defining opportunities, 4. Solutions and 5. Prototyped). This also changes the way we work in our daily lives.

An unforgettable session that will profoundly change your approach to future business projects. 


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Co-creation Business Jam with key stakeholders to design all kinds of solutions for employees, clients…you name it, we can design it!


SHAPE UP Business Jams are inspirational group participation sessions to foster learning through working together to resolve challenges. A variety of diverse activities are used to stimulate reflection in participants to guide them towards designing implementable solutions, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The session is based around 2 pillars:

  1. CREATIVE TEAMS: Increase participants’ commitment, connection and feeling of belonging as well as uniting them and their skills.
  2. EXPERIENCE: participants co-create by sharing information each of them has to overcome diverse challenges. This way they become more aware thanks to a fun, memorable, efficient and rigorous shared experience.

The output of the final SHAPE UP session is the EDD – a document which contains all the relevant elements of the design and implementation of the experience / ecosystem to implement.


The EDD gathers all the ideas from the initial analysis phase to decide the next steps to take into account in production (synthesis of the solution). Every project has its own, bespoke EDD template, which takes into account the client’s specific needs.

They usually consider:

  1. General and specific objectives: identify the problems, the general and specific objectives, the KPIs and define what we are going to gamify.
  2. Outline (definition of target objective): limit the target audience. To do this we have to fully understand their needs and desires, what attracts them, where and how they want to participate (“play”).
  3. Motivators: the activities or challenges to be tackled are constructed on a base of verbs which highlight the intrinsic sensations/ emotions that people want to feel: let me join in, making an effort and winning, improving the world, discovery etc.
  4. Central messages and narrative: positioning, key messages, connection with emotional design, communication keys, creative concept etc.
  5. Transmedia Platforms: channels and recommended formats (“where things happen”) during each phase of the designed experience.
  6. Activities and actions: elements and dynamics that will come to fruition during the experience based on the objectives, priorities, defined resources and motivational design feedback (feedback systems, acknowledgement, progress, etc.)


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Cookie Box is part of the European project JamToDay network, the first organized Jams network dedicated to applying game design in non-play areas. A network that connects and brings together creative clusters, public sector institutions, educational and research institutions and various experts in the field of creating and developing games from throughout Europe.

The Jam sessions are inspired by games and how they work. The objective of the Jams is to create and develop activities focused on finding solutions to the most difficult problems.

Cookie Box adapted this format to the business world with the aim of inspiring and stimulating processes of co-creation, learning, skill development and detection, and diverse events within organizations.

We’ve used this methodology in multiple projects within an innovation, training and development environment and across all sectors: health, education, automobile, sport, technology, leisure and tourism…


Business Jam that uses the business case method, transforming it into an escape room game to train or create awareness about any kind of business content.


The CASEROOM adapts to all the needs of an organization with regards training and development. It illustrates any type of content and generates the highest impact possible through its 4 pillars:

  1. Content, messages, objectives: provided by the company (or created adhoc) and adapted to the experience for the users’ total consumption.
  2. High emotional impact format: maximize learning through levers such as fun and socializing.
  3. Complete metrics: of the global experience and the individual user.
  4. Innovative learning, innovative brand: a methodology that transfers value to the brand.


1. A story based around a professional-focused case:

  • Created ad-hoc
  • Told in 4 phases
  • With the objective of creating awareness, understanding, training…
  • About a business topic or challenge

2. One or various teams per room: discussion tables for up to 8 players who collaborate in distinct roles.

3. Challenges to overcome: transmedia enigmas to solve, with:

  • Information sources and Transmedia puzzles
  • Diverse levels of difficulty
  • Time limit pressure
  • Clues and accessible or hidden wildcards

4. Acknowledgement and rewards: at the end you receive:

  • Lessons learned and Takeaways
  • Metrics

A fun, memorable and transforming experience that goes way beyond Team Building.


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How do we convert the employee/client/user journey into a truly transformational experience? How do we do this while connecting people’s innate motivations with corporative objectives via gamification?

Motivational Design (Gamification) connects people’s innate motivations with the objective of expected conduct, guaranteeing that they reach their personal and professional goals – as well as those of the companies. And this is both very serious and very good fun, as juxtaposed as this may seem. This is what guarantees the transfer. 

Applying Game Design rules (Gamification) in a business environment creates learning experience, or one of communication, that reaches the highest motivation from participants, resulting in a memorable experience. This guarantees the highest amount of knowledge transfer and in turn an acceptable ROI.

Any type of internal initiative from the company (talent development, managing change, values, onboarding…) or external (marketing, sales or sectors like health, education, eSports…) is no longer focused on finding the right solution, product or platform. This is overtaken by the desire to find out what drives the users’ experience, what moves them, which is related to their fundamental motivators (or dynamics).

Aside from the (extrinsic) rewards and benefits which always function for those willing to play, it is worthwhile taking a look at the intrinsic motivators. These are the motivators that are unaffected by our passion – or lack of – for the game (feed my senses, allow me to listen or tell a good story, include me in a community, give me surprising challenges of discovery, offer me opportunities to show and use my altruism).

Cookie Box’s Motivational Design Consultation includes:

  1. “Game Related Test”: a survey to better understand the user collective’s ways and preferences of “the game”. Identifying what motivates them in particular.
  2. Complete definition of the 4 main pillars of a Gamification project: Strategic Criteria, Rules or Mechanics (of the game), History and Technology (of the game).

This allows Cookie Box to guarantee the best experience possible, which results in:

  1. Optimum efficiency in terms of communication and engagement
  2. Optimum ratings for satisfaction and learning
  3. Incorporation of new ways of behaving
  4. Connection with business objectives
  5. Measure of the experience in terms of the participants’ performance and attitude.

And always with the willingness of the same people: I’m doing this because I want to, not because they’re forcing me to. That’s how it works. And it makes sense.

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How do we turn our internal social networks and corporative e-learning into dynamic, vibrant places of collaboration? Places of participation, pertinence, talent development, collective creation and open innovation?

The launch of an internal social network tends to come with great expectations (quantitative and qualitative) which are rarely met. 

If you want your social platform to work, you have to be prepared to invest in more than just new technology. Your users need to know how to share and make the most of the platform otherwise it could cause a dramatic drop in your company’s innovative potential – as well as essential processes.

Cookie Box develops educative landscapes created about internal social networks – already in existence or implemented ad-hoc – to increase communication, interaction, collaboration, collective creation, engagement, knowledge transfer and open innovation.

A Revitalizing Plan for a learning ecosystem and internal communities takes into account many aspects:

  1. The development of the right channels
  2. User profiles (and roles) Segmenting
  3. Definition of the Rules of Participation and the diverse challenges
  4. Creating Content which connects the audience’s emotions with the required objectives
  5. Opening Spaces of cocreation also for the importance of the business
  6. Day-to-day management by the Guardians of the experience
  7. Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the activity and continual reviewing of the tactics and strategy.

Some areas of the Company benefit from the activation of internal social spaces:

  • Talent Management, to develop both teams and people
  • Performance support to achieve optimum results in tasks
  • Knowledge management, to facilitate rapid and trustworthy Access to information
  • Working and Collaboration networks, to share ideas, knowledge, experiences in finding solutions to problems
  • Structured learning, to learn about knowledge and skills (online classroom)

In addition to leading any type of platform project, Cookie Box also distributes the world’s leading Human Resources technological solution: SABA Cloud (check HERE).

SABA Cloud is a solutions platform that manages all the diverse HR areas. It allows second-to-none talent management and optimum engagement level thanks to it being:

  • Intelligent
  • Modular
  • Multi-device
  • Cloud based

Gartner featured it in 2015, positioning it as “Visionary” in its prestigious Magic Square.  SABA Cloud is the choice of many leading companies around the world for hiring, developing, connecting and inspiring their teams.

The main modules of the SABA platform are: Learning & ManagementFeedback & EngagementCareer Planning & SuccessionPerformance & Goal ManagementOrganizational PlanningCompensationRecruiting y Analytics & Benchmarking.

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Application for the assessment of managers and collaborators’ competencies, motivators and values.


An App that measures 360º leadership competencies, motivators and impact. A flexible, rigorous model aimed at development and with agile and efficient management for all users. Action oriented real time results.


TalentApp360 is a feedback system that provides the director with knowledge of their own competencies, their motives and the impact that they have on those who they interact with in their organization.

The results are very useful to help promote a style of leadership that contributes to the director’s and collaborators’ development and, in general, the company’s sustainability.

TalentApp360 assesses and analyses:

  • Leadership competencies
  • The director’s motivation and the atmosphere created by them in their environment
  • The impact and perception added by those who interact with them

360 Assessment

  • 20 competencies divided into 5 dimensions. (strategic, self-development, self-management skills, self-leadership and Interpersonal skills,)
  • A survey which focuses on clearly observable traits
  • Automatic, confidential, simple and independent management.

Offers a versatile model which can be used as a base for:

  • Training directors
  • Their professional development
  • Occupational orientation
  • Finding Talent
  • Coaching process
  • Developing training plans
  • Other assessment processes, training and development

The report results provide:

  • A Global Vision of Competencies by Dimensions.
  • Vision by Competencies with the self-assessment results and those conducted by the assessors, compared with the group average. Comparison across age, sex, sector, area and function of the simple group are also included.
  • Gap between feedback and self-image: over-rated and undervalued competencies with respect the assessors.
  • Most valued competencies and Competencies to Strengthen, with aim towards developing new modes of conduct
  • Motivational profile: the director’s style in relation to their motives driving them to behave in one way or another.
  • Impact and Climate: level of confidence they generate and creation of a positive work environment.
  • Development guide

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Application to measure leadership competencies via a multi-formatted digital experience (movie, animated graphic novel…) which allow 4 essential competencies to be assessed.


Talent App is based on behavioural standards used in multiple international models of people management skills as well as over 20 years of our own professional experience working in different companies.

It provides an individualized transmedia experience for each of the candidates. They have to make appraisals throughout their story of a series of critical incidents.

It is a psychometric test validated by the University of Barcelona, presented in an attractive and unique format, which assesses the 4 key competencies of the organizations via an engaging 8-minute short film.

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