Workshop for the development of high performance teams through the use and programming of Lego Mindstorms Robots, a tool with endless potential.



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To transform the Program Department teams into a High Performance Team, by activating the behaviours -both individual and collective- which are essential for success.


The Program Department teams of an automobile sector company were called to the annual “Team Building Day”. For the 2015 edition, there was the concern to do an activity that transferred transformational knowledge in a clear and direct way, beyond the playful events that had been carried out to date. With the aim of strengthening the group and becoming an EAR, they asked for the design of a breakthrough and attractive experience.

An immersive experience in which teams of an automotive sector company must be transformed into a High Performance Team by overcoming challenges and learning how to program the robots.

An immersive experience called “Silicon Valley Project” in which teams must pitch and sell -to a group of investors from Silicon Valley- a project based on the Lego Mindstorms robots coding.


Two weeks before the date of the workshop, the participants received a strange e-mail with the subject “We need you for the Silicon Valley Project”. They were invited to complete a questionnaire that would help the company prepare the visit of a new investor. The immersion into the narrative was starting. The questionnaire allowed us to create teams of decompensated roles (based on the Belbin Model), to generate the level of conflict and tension required.

Silicon Valley Travel

Participants, from minute one, took the main objective of the session very seriously: to convince the investor that their team was the one they were looking for. To do this, they had to demonstrate that they were able to learn together and to collaboratively manage the product to be programmed: a Robot from Lego Mindstorms. To do so, they had the support of Rocío Lara, a specialized robotic consultant.

During the 8 hours of the Workshop the teams overcame multiple challenges that allowed them to train for the final challenge. Meanwhile, the members of each team with communication roles were designing the final pitch, using influence, pitching and visual data techniques to convince the investor of the viability of their projects.

Will they invest or not?

At the end of the experience, each team’s communicators jumped onto the stage to show the investor their reflections and conclusions. All teams performed in an excellent way, but… do you think the group of investors were convinced?


A powerful final debrief demonstrated that the teams were created according to different Belbin profiles and that they all reflected on the process of converting from a group to a team and from there to a high performance team, experiencing by themselves the evolution through the phases of the Tuckman Team Development Model (Form, Storm, Norm and Perform).

Participants appreciated the fun of the day as well as the learning on how High Performance Teams work and the immersion into the narrative.

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